Larry behind the Waterwall


Larry La Trobe is my bronze dog which sits permanently in front of the Melbourne Town Hall.
He has been in the City since 1992. I was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to create him to celebrate the change of Swanston Street into Swanston Walk. He was previously in the Melbourne City Square, however due to the Metro Tunnel Development was relocated to the Town Hall location. He has become a beloved sculpture in Melbourne and much photographed by locals and tourists alike. He has appeared in films, magazines and a beautiful book on World Sculpture.

Larry is my constant muse. He is my favorite subject to paint and reinterpret.

Here Larry is dripping, as though standing behind the water wall at the National Gallery.

The work is boxed framed in Black.
The work is made from painting on 9 separate canvases.
It is signed and dated 2021
The paint is thick, acrylic paint on finest grade canvas.

It measures 110 x 110 cm
There are some flecks of Iridescent pearl paint on the work.
If you would like further photos please feel free to request them or come into the gallery to view the work