Floral Larry 6 (SOLD)



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Product Description

9” x 11”
Box Framed in pine
Acrylic on canvas

Painted with fine brushes.
White acrylic over black acrylic base.
Framed and ready to hang on the wall.

Signed Pamela Irving 2023

In 1992 I was commissioned by the Melbourne City Council to create “Larry La Trobe” a bronze dog, for the redevelopment of Swanston Walk. He quickly became a favored sculpture of Melbourne. He provides a photo opportunity for tourists and locals alike and his golden ears are the result of much patting He has become the City’s dog. In 2018 Larry was relocated to the front of the Melbourne Town Hall due to the Metro development. Larry is my faithful companion and makes an appearance in many of my works. He has his own Wikipedia page and Facebook Page.