Man of Flowers and Leaves (SOLD)

Man of Leaves and Flowers
Man with Leaves + Flowers detail 1Man of Leaves and Flowers Detail 2


120 x 120 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Black and White works are always beautiful in a home.
You can hang a work this size alone or as part of a salon style hanging.
Groups of works always look great together.
This image is my YOLO (You Only Live Once) Man character in my imagined landscape. Melbourne has gone through considerable lockdowns during Covid-19. As an artist, I actually enjoyed the time out. Time to create and time to work in my garden. I am an avid vegetable and fruit grower, on a steep learning curve. My dream is to create a kind of food forest in a suburban backyard. My readings and undertakings obviously have imapact on my created images. This work is a response, or inspired by, being in my garden.
The work is white acrylic paint painted onto a black background. The brushes used are very fine.

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