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My forthcoming solo exhibition is titled

“Dreaming with Open Eyes”


 The Light Factory Gallery, Eltham

@ 21 Brougham St, Eltham


The exhibition dates are

Wednesday, 29th June –  Sunday 24th July 2011


It is being opened by the very talented Leigh Hobbs, Artist and Author.


If you would like to come to the opening please email me so I can send you an invite.

Saint Andrew School, Chicago, USA

Thankyou to art teacher and mosaic artist Staci Sterenberg, who has decided to make a set of  faces for the Patterson Station Mural with her students from the Saint Andrew School, Chicago.

Looking forward to seeing the efforts of her students.

Thank you to Tiny Pieces : Mosaic Supplies + Materials, for their very generous offer to pay for freight of these works. A very generous offer from Andryea Natkin, owner of Tiny Pieces.

What a great collaboration!

Upcoming Events + Commissions


There are lots of things are on the horizon for me in 2011.


LUNA PARK 2010 + 2011


Last year I completed the large scale mosaic/ceramic installation at Luna Park and they have just commissioned me to do a similar sized work for another section of the Luna Palace Building to commemorate the 99th Birthday in December.


So if you are interested to see the 2010 work visit Luna Park. Entry to the park is free. My work is titled “Dreaming with open Eyes”. It is situated on the Luna Palace Building, the one which houses the famous dodgem cars! (pictured above)





I am off to the USA very soon.


I will be holding two workshops in Austin, Texas at the Society of American Artists (SAMA) Annual Conference.

I am looking forward to working with the participants to create a “portrait” of sorts!


I am also going to be keynote speaker at the Conference.


I am looking forward to meeting many mosaic artists from America and around the world at this event.


After the SAMA Conference I am off to the Chicago Mosaic School to give a talk.





I have received support from Arts Victoria and  VicTrak to create a large scale mosaic mural on Patterson Station, the station which is near to my studio in Bentleigh.


Over the past few weeks I have been working with local young people to create “portraits” for our mural. They are looking very colourful and all so different to each other…the essence of our community.


Thankyou to VicTrak, Arts Victoria, Metro, Bostik and Southern Cross Tiles for your financial and “in kind” support.  It is an enormous project and it is progressing well so far.

Thank you to Hayden Hill who has also been very generous!


Thank you to the following teachers,  students + schools for their support in this project….more are coming on board each day!


Karen Levy + Helen Kuriata + Mc Kinnon Secondary College

Jill Stanbury + Wesley College, Elsternwick

Audrey Cardona + Westbourne Grammar School

Jill Anderson + Glen Eira Secondary College

John Irving +  Beaconhills College

Karen Nielsen + Brighton Grammar School


Thank you to the Brisbane branch of MAANZ for making your large scale head for inclusion. They are making a large head using 20 sections of a face done by 20 different people! Can’t wait to see how it looks!


If you, your school or community group would like to make faces for this project please contact me. Everyone is welcome!


I have faces coming from all over… even some from the USA!


Join me in making Patterson Station a vibrant station to visit and commute to and from in the future!

Patterson Station Mosaic Mural

My next project is the Patterson Station Mosaic Mural.

I have received funding from Arts Victoria and support from VicTrak! THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to Helen Kuriata and Karen Levy and their students who have created the first mosaic tiles for this project!

The students are from Mc Kinnon Secondary College.

“Dreaming with Open Eyes” Luna Park Installation

This week I have been installing my new large-scale sculptural mosaic – which is titled “Dreaming with Open Eyes” – at Luna Park, Melbourne. I was commissioned to create the work in celebration of Luna Park’s 98th birthday. The work consists of both three dimensional and flat figures, and is approximately 25 square metres. Its location is the Luna Palace Building, which houses the dodgem cars and arcade games. It has been a privilege to work on this iconic 98-year-old location.

I have had a very dedicated team to assist along the way. Jean Smullen and Leanne Beyer who work in my studio a couple of days per week have been grouting and filling in the background like crazy with me over the past few weeks. Their contribution on all aspects has been enormous.

My daughter Phoebe, who has worked on just about every project I have ever done, has also been helping with all parts of the production. Phoebe has worked really hard this week with me doing the installation. Together with two staff from Luna Park, Graham and Dalida we have been installing through extreme heat and wet and stormy conditions. Only people who live in Melbourne will understand how crazy our weather can be. We were up on scaffold during 27-degree heat and heavy storms to get the work installed. It still has another week to go before all the pieces are up.

Thank you to all those people who donated china and tiles to me!

You must check out the work to see if you can spot your china.

Luna Park is open daily in Summer, from the 18th of December. Entry to the park is free, so drop in to see the mosaic installation!

Current Exhibition and news in my Gallery + Studio



Over the past months I have been working really hard on a commission for Luna Park, Melbourne. The commission is in mosaic. It is about 25 metres of mosaic work for the front façade of the “Luna Palace” Building. That is the big white building inside Luna Park where the dodgem cars are.

The work will be installed in November in time to Celebrate Luna Park’s 98th Birthday in December.

As the commission is large and I already have another large commission  going on in my studio,  the front gallery is being used as the Luna Park studio.


So the Gallery space is looking pretty busy at the moment.  The front window has many of the Luna Pieces displayed.


There are new large paintings on the walls in the gallery and you are still most welcome to browse. I am also constantly working on new works on paper.


We are generally here from 10-4 pm Monday – Friday and 10am _ 2pm Saturdays,  although it is best to call to make sure. Sometimes I am off site looking at another project. The studio number is 9557 2688. You may also make an appointment for a time outside those hours. We are very flexible with time here.


Jean and Leanne,  who work in the studio a couple of days per week are currently mosaicing panels for the exterior of the gallery.

These mosaics  are based on my drawings/ paintings and you will soon see the front of the gallery  covered with my mythical creatures!


The next big project this studio will undertake is the Patterson Station.

I have been gathering lots of names of people interested in helping to make a tile for this project.


So please visit the gallery some time. The courtyard is looking good after all the rain.

We also have some very beautiful and colourful bird baths for sale!

Perfect for an injection of colour into your garden or courtyard.


Sandringham House, Firbank Grammar School Project

Last year I collaborated on this mural with the students at Sandringham House. It was a project made by all students from Kinder to year 6. Wendy Fletcher, the art teacher,  was fantastic to work with.  I was in the school for about 10 days.  Wendy did a lot of work with the students in the days that I was not there and did all the firing and glazing. This is an article in The Bayside Leader on this project. The theme was to celebrate 100 years of Firbank. The children did the drawings for the design. Some parents also assisted in the making. It was a true collaboration of all ages and skill levels.

Glass Craftsman Magazine Article

A new article on my work is in the American magazine

 “Glass Craftsman” Issue 219, Spring 2010 pp1-5


The article by Sue Dymond is titled

“Aussie Dogs….Invade Russia. Tale of an Artist in Residence”


It tells the story of my residency last year at the prestigious Bars Studio in St Petersburg. It is a wonderfully researched article by Sue.


If you are interested to get a copy you can purchase it through their website.  


Luna Park Commission.

Melbourne’s iconic   Luna Park, has just commissioned me to mosaic the exterior of the Luna Palace Building to honour Luna Park’s 98th Birthday Celebration in December 2010.


I will be covering the façade of the Palace with my quirky big colourful figures in 3 D Mosaic.


It is such an honour to be asked to do this and so great for the mosaic industry in Australia.


Jean Smullen and Leanne Beyer who work at my studio, will be assisting me on this large scale project.


I am delighted to have been asked and just think…….. my very own wacky Palace J