“Dreaming with Open Eyes” Luna Park Installation

This week I have been installing my new large-scale sculptural mosaic – which is titled “Dreaming with Open Eyes” – at Luna Park, Melbourne. I was commissioned to create the work in celebration of Luna Park’s 98th birthday. The work consists of both three dimensional and flat figures, and is approximately 25 square metres. Its location is the Luna Palace Building, which houses the dodgem cars and arcade games. It has been a privilege to work on this iconic 98-year-old location.

I have had a very dedicated team to assist along the way. Jean Smullen and Leanne Beyer who work in my studio a couple of days per week have been grouting and filling in the background like crazy with me over the past few weeks. Their contribution on all aspects has been enormous.

My daughter Phoebe, who has worked on just about every project I have ever done, has also been helping with all parts of the production. Phoebe has worked really hard this week with me doing the installation. Together with two staff from Luna Park, Graham and Dalida we have been installing through extreme heat and wet and stormy conditions. Only people who live in Melbourne will understand how crazy our weather can be. We were up on scaffold during 27-degree heat and heavy storms to get the work installed. It still has another week to go before all the pieces are up.

Thank you to all those people who donated china and tiles to me!

You must check out the work to see if you can spot your china.

Luna Park is open daily in Summer, from the 18th of December. Entry to the park is free, so drop in to see the mosaic installation!

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  1. Annette & Jenny

    Hi Pamela- Just a note from two of your fans. We love your work and our house is adorned with Larry,Angry Pussy , Tux Pussy and Babushkas, Ship of Fools, Tie my Kangaroo down etc etce…..can we carry your suitcases for your upcoming trip?

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