New paintings and etchings in gallery NOW!

In the gallery at the moment are a huge lot of new framed images by Pamela Irving

Small etchings start at $200 and large framed drawings  up to $1800.

There are also some new mosaic dogs for sale. Prices start at $1200

You are most welcome to visit the gallery and browse.

10 thoughts on “New paintings and etchings in gallery NOW!

  1. Leigh-Ann

    Congratulations on your new website and I can’t wait to visit your studio to see your new drawings

  2. giovanna

    On the 26th of November 2008, I attended the “Happy as Larry” Virtual CD Book Launch. It was an extremely interesting,informative and exciting night which culminated in a wonderful speech by Tania, Susan and Pamela.
    After viewing the new and awe inspiring colourful large scale artworks and chatting with some interesting people, I feel inspired and hope to pass this on to my students.
    It would also be great to be able to purchase a hard copy of the CD, so we can demonstrate or refer to certain aspects without the need for a computer. Hope to visit again soon!!!
    ..Mosaic work is definitely on for next year!
    Cheers, Giovanna

  3. Giovanna

    As mentioned previously, Mosaic Sculptural work is now definitely underway with my Yr 10’s. Beginning the form and cutting the chicken wire was challenging for a few, but seeing the form develop from their visual diary to an actual 3D shape has inspired and encouraged them further. Your wonderful enthusiasm in this area has inspired me to inspire our next generation of Ceramic Artists! Beautiful, brightly under glazed handmade platters and vases are next on the agenda with these girls in Yr 10. See you soon! Giovanna

  4. Pamela Irving

    Greetings Giovanna
    That is great news!
    Long live ceramics!

    Hope to see you soon.
    There is an exhibition opening here in March on the 15th March from 2-4pm. “Birds of a Feather” mosaics from the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand.
    It should be fun!
    Hope you can come along.
    I will email you closer to the date anyway.

  5. Pamela Irving

    Actually forgot to mention I have just got back from Russia. I was commissioned to make some works for a major show in Moscow and have just spent 2 weeks with 6 full time assistants creating works in St Petersburg! I made 7 sculptures.
    Its a beatiful city.
    I saw some incredible art works in the Hermitage and Russian Museums.

  6. Giovanna

    I’ll be there! Would love to see some photo’s of the sculptures, someone did say you were overseas, (probably Leigh-Ann). Did you have a wonderful time? Glad it wasn’t all work!
    My year 9 girls are working on a Theory assignment which includes looking at your style, influences etc.. and they will be making candlestick totem pole sculptural pieces.

    Will see you in March. YES!! Long live Ceramics!!!!

  7. Giovanna

    I would like to organise an ‘excursion’ to your gallery, I’ve got 17 Yr 10 girls. Will this be O.K?
    This would occur during a weekday.
    OR is it better for you if I just leave an open invitation for them to come on their own on the 15th March?

  8. Pamela Irving

    Students are most welcome here on the 15th of March
    You are also most welcome to bring them to the gallery.
    If you want me to give them a talk and discuss my processes with them I would charge you a feee. If you just want to bring them here and do your own thing thats fine. Just give me advance warning of the time and date to make sure I am here.

    Email me at work if you like?
    [email protected] or ph 9557 2688

    I have lots of new paintings here at the moment. On the 15th there will not be as much of my work here as others will be using the front gallery.

    cheers Pamela

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