The Russian Ark + Turkish Tales

This exhibition continues until the end of November.

Feel free to visit during this time.

My courtyard of “Birds of a Feather” is also growing with new mosaic tiles being made by Year 8 students from Mc Kinnon Secondary College with their teacher Karen Levy and also students from Sandringham Secondary College with their teacher Maria Morabito.

It is a fantastic projects which seems to be growing. It is a great example of what can be done in a small space.

The courtyard also has mosaic tiles for sale and bird baths etc….all are suitable for exterior use.

2 thoughts on “The Russian Ark + Turkish Tales

  1. Benjamin

    Painted Matriashka dolls and babuschkas bring a little bit of St Petersburg to Bentleigh. Many borrow Pamela’s quirky little dog into the imagery. While the ones with splashes of colour are delightful, I think my favorites are te striking large matriashkas, with their sweeping black lines of paint. Paricularly impressed with the 3D dog coated in a swathe of red and white tiles in a Russian needlework pattern- fabulous stuff.

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